Piston Xylan Coating Tech

The coating that Cosworth use on the skirts of their high-performance pistons is Xylan, which is actually the trade name for the coating. Cosworth’s use of Xylan has been successfully developed on pistons in many different engine projects, including Formula 1, Indycar and touring cars. As well as reducing friction, Xylan coating on the skirt of the piston can help the bedding-in process and the avoidance of scuffing.

Xylan is in effect a composite material comprising of a dry film lubricant contained in a matrix with high-temperature organic polymers. This creates what can be termed as a plastic alloy that has excellent surface characteristics, including:

 Very low coefficient of friction
 Exceptional wear resistance
 Excellent surface adhesion
 Very thin thickness (as low as 5 microns thick)

All of our exclusive Cosworth YB pistons have Xylan coating as standard, and we can even arrange for your existing pistons to be coated if necessary. For more information get in touch via our Contact page.