Cosworth YB1429 Head Gasket

Multi layer steel (MLS) head gaskets, like our popular Cosworth YB1429 head gasket pictured here, comprise of a number of layers of thin sheets of spring or carbon steel that sandwich the sealing material.

Cosworth YB1429 Head Gasket

The upper and lower steel sheets contain a pressed beading. This beading runs around the perimeter of the bores and passageways to increase the local sealing capability. When the head fasteners are tightened, the beading deforms to create extra sealing pressure. This pressure ensures that the combustion gases, lubricating oil and coolant that transfer between head and block all stay away from each other and remain inside the engine. Ideally the deformation will be mostly elastic, so that the beading can adapt to changes in temperature and load. Most MLS gaskets including ours also contain an inner layer called a stopper that prevents plastic deformation of the beading.

Further, the top and bottom layers have an elastomer coating to reduce friction. This can help to prevent microscopic movement of the gasket. Without this coating, there could be damage to the gasket and the firefaces on the head and block.

Our YB1429 MLS head gasket was designed by the engineers at Cosworth and Victor Reinz. They wanted to create a superior gasket. They wanted one that would provide excellent sealing between the block and head for all of the high performance applications that the YB engine ends up in.

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