Cosworth CA2010 Formula 1 engine parts

The Cosworth CA2010 engine represented a pinnacle in the design of high-speed naturally aspirated engines for Formula 1 racing. Calling on over 50 years of experience that dated back to the legendary DFV, Cosworth created their most ground-breaking engine ever.

Launched in 2006, the CA was capable of mind-boggling speeds of 20,000 rpm – let’s not forget that the CA was the only engine on the grid that could run at these speeds for an entire race distance. Sadly, in 2010 the engine speeds were restricted by regulation to 18,500 rpm, but that didn’t stop the cars of that era running the CA2010 engine from sounding amazing.

You can now own a part from one of these incredible engines. We’ve got a number of parts for sale, including a complete display engine.

Fancy a Cosworth CA2010 show engine in your front room?

Our Cosworth CA2010 F1 display engine is now available to buy! It represents the end of the V8 normally-aspirated era, a time of high revs and ear-splitting sounds.

This engine has been built to the Williams 2011 specification, and includes all of the major components including crankcase, cylinder heads, trumpet tray, oil pump, water pump, scavenge pump, cam covers and water outlets.

Note that the engine doesn’t include internal parts, so it can’t be run. However, it does come with a removable toughened glass top with bonded spacers, so it can be used as a coffee table. Or you can just display it as it is!

Check out all the details over on our on-line shop.

Or how about a Formula 1 piston or connecting rod?

We’ve got a limited number of Cosworth pistons and connecting rods from their CA2010 engine for sale. These parts were raced in Formula 1 between 2010 and 2013 by the Williams, Virgin/Marussia, Lotus and HRT teams.

Cosworth Formula 1 CA Piston

The piston was perhaps the most highly-stressed component in the engine. It had to withstand huge forces over a sustained period of time. At speeds of 20,000 rpm the piston moved up and down over 300 times per second. That’s more than 30 times in the blink of an eye! Despite the incredible forces that it had to endure, it also had to be as light as possible.

The CA piston was the culmination for Cosworth of decades of experience in piston design. As such, this piston contained several important design features. For example, a single compression ring replaced the traditional top and second compression rings. The undercrown received additional machining to remove excess material, with buttresses whittled away to the bare minimum. The skirts were DLC-coated to give additional wear resistance, creating a gloss black appearance.

Cosworth CA2010 Formula 1 Connecting Rod

Likewise, the CA connecting rod was a work of engineering art. Whilst one end of the rod was rotating at speeds of up to 18,000 rpm, the other end was moving up and down the bore at up to 300 times per second. The connecting rod was either being stretched to the limit, trying to stop the piston from escaping through the top of the engine, or it was being subjected to immense compressive loads from the piston which it had to impart into the crankshaft.

Or how about a Formula 1 inlet trumpet?

These carbon fibre inlet trumpets are fascinating items of motorsport memorabilia. Designed to feed air into the inlet port as smoothly as possible, each trumpet is supplied mounted in a clear perspex display case.

Cosworth CA2010 F1 Engine Inlet Trumpet

Or maybe something even more unique?

And maybe a bit easier on the wallet? We’ve got lots of other smaller parts available in our on-line shop, just take a look at the Memorabilia section. The list of parts available is constantly being updated, plus we have parts from other Cosworth F1 engines available.

Or how about a distinctive ringtone for your mobile phone? Using audio from one of Cosworth’s CA2010 Formula 1 engine dyno tests, we’ve created this fantastic 30 second ringtone for you to download. This characteristic shriek of the last of the naturally aspirated V8 engines that ever raced in Formula 1 will definitely stand out from all other ringtones.

Can’t find what you want?

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