Welcome to Modatek!

Matt & Diana Grant founded Modatek in 2013 after recognising that there was a growing demand from all over the world for genuine Cosworth engine parts.

Matt had previously spent 17 years at Cosworth, initially as a design engineer in the Formula 1 group. He then moved up the ranks to eventually become the Operations Manager of the Formula 1 engine project in 2010.  During his time at Cosworth he also took on a number of different roles throughout Cosworth. These roles included design and project management of some of the large-scale engineering projects both on and off of the track. Matt also looked after the burgeoning archive that Cosworth had amassed since its own inception in 1958.

Diana had previously gained a large skill set for business, predominantly within Customer Services and Sales & Marketing support roles. She was able to bring this knowledge to bear when creating Modatek. This experience has enabled Modatek to provide our customers with a friendly, efficient and timely response.

Mike Costin & Matt Grant

Cosworth co-founder Mike Costin with Modatek’s Matt Grant