Welcome to Modatek!

Established in 2013 by Matt and Diana Grant, Modatek is Cosworth‘s official distributor for components their historic engines. We supply parts to customers all over the world. Indeed, our customers ranging from individuals building their own engines through to large-scale engine build companies. We have hundreds of parts in stock, including piston sets, bearings, pumps and gaskets. Please take a look at range of Cosworth parts that we stock on our Shop page. Send us your enquiry via our Contact Us page if there is anything we can help you with.

In addition, we have exclusive access to all of Cosworth’s archived drawings and technical records. Our archive records begin with the very first Formula Junior engines from the early ’60s. We have drawings and build details for all manner of subsequent engines. Early engines that we cover include MAE, SCA, FVA and DFV projects. We even support the most recent F1 V10 and V8 engines, the CK, TJ and CA. We can get parts that were previously obsolete back into manufacture again with full approval from Cosworth. So if this is something we can help you with please get in touch.

Modatek is also an engineering consultancy tailored to the demands of the motor sport and automotive sectors. From Formula 1 to niche road car projects, Modatek can call on over 25 years of experience to provide a first class service.

Modatek’s core competences include :

  • Design of components and systems using industry-standard 3D CAD software.
  • Project management of complex technical projects.
  • Reverse engineering services to recreate drawings and 3D models.
  • Independent engineering advice.
Mike Costin & Matt Grant

Cosworth co-founder Mike Costin with Modatek’s Matt Grant