YB Crankshaft Seals from Reinz Now In Stock

YB Crank Seals In Stock

At Modatek we are committed to supplying the best parts for our customer’s Cosworth engines. Two parts that we continually get asked for are the front and rear YB crankshaft seals. Consequently, after a lot of research and feedback from customers, we now stock these parts, bought directly from renowned seal manufacturer Victor Reinz.

Victor Reinz have been making engine components for over a hundred years, and they are experts with gaskets and seals. They already supply our range of head gaskets for the YB engine, such as our multi-layer metal head gasket YB1429.

Today Victor Reinz are operated by Dana, and they continue to operate as an original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) and replacement part supplier. All of their spare parts, including our YB crankshaft seals, meet the high standards of OEM quality.

MTK0007 YB Front Crank Seal (Reinz)

MTK0007 YB Front Crank Seal (Reinz)

Sealing Material

The seal has to be able to cater for harmonic vibration, eccentricity and whip of the shaft. So what are the challenges with making a reliable crank seal?

One of the biggest tasks is selecting the right material. Providing an effective seal on a shaft running at high speeds means that the rubber material has to be extremely durable and flexible. The elastic modulus of the rubber is carefully chosen so as to create a sufficient contact force from the lip to the shaft.

Our YB crank seals are made from FPM rubber. This type of fluoroelastomer has exceptional resistance to chemicals and temperatures. FPM has a low compression set combined with remarkable ageing features. It is resistant to silicone and mineral oils and greases, petrol and diesel fuels, and chlorinated hydrocarbons, even when under a high vacuum.

In addition, our YB crank seals include small grooves in the lip that provide more compliance. On top of that, we have a garter spring that provides an additional constant compressive force.

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So we’re confident that our YB crank seals, made by Victor Reinz, are the best you can get for a YB!

You can see more details of these seals, as well as purchase them, in our on-line shop:

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Rear crankshaft seal = YB REAR CRANKSHAFT SEAL (REINZ)