Cosworth YB0817 Front Cam Cap Seals Now in Stock

Back in Stock – Cosworth YB Cam Cap Seal

At Modatek we are working hard to bring back genuine parts for the a wide range of Cosworth engines. We want to ensure that the quality of these parts are a match with the original parts.

So we’re pleased to announce that the next part we have brought back is the Cosworth YB cam cap seal. This seal is part number YB0817, and it is also commonly called the “blue half-moon seal”.

We’ve worked hard with Cosworth and the original seal supplier to ensure that these seals are identical to the original part. Using the original drawings and samples kept as Cosworth, we’ve been able to ensure that these seals are a perfect match.

Note that these seals are made exclusively for Cosworth by the original seal manufacturer. They don’t make them for anyone else!

Keeping it Original

We’ve been careful to ensure that the geometry of our new seals is identical to that dictated on the original drawing. Similarly, we’ve made sure that the supplier uses the same durable silicone rubber. We’ve made sure the seals have the same hardness as the original seals. That way, we know that our cam cap seals provide the perfect mix of compliance and strength.

You can see more details of these seals and order them in our on-line shop.

Cosworth YB0817 Seal - Front Cam Cap