Cosworth DR4601 Valve Springs in Stock

Our latest batch of genuine Cosworth DR4601 valve springs are now in stock!

These springs were originally designed by Cosworth for use on the DFV series of engines, but have since been used in many other race & high performance engine applications.

A nested twin spring design like our DR4601 valve spring can offer a proven solution to the problem of spring surge. The stiffness of the combined spring varies with length, hence the inner and outer springs will have different natural frequencies which helps to avoid the onset of surge. In addition, the outer diameter of the inner spring and the inner diameter of the outer spring are chosen so as to create a small amount of interference between the two springs. This interference will provide a means of damping, allowing unwanted energy to be converted to heat from the friction between the two springs, again helping to offset the unwanted effects of spring surge.

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