Cosworth DFR Pistons Now in Stock

Back in Stock – Cosworth DFR Pistons

We now stock genuine Cosworth DFR piston sets! These are the original pistons designed and manufactured by Cosworth for their 3.5 litre DFR engine.

These pistons are forged in house by Cosworth from 2618 high tensile strength aluminium alloy. The forging is designed specifically for this piston to give the best grain flow in the most highly stressed areas. Once forged, Cosworth then machine, inspect and pack the piston set.

Each piston contains a number of features specifically added by Cosworth for performance and reliability. For example, the oil control ring groove includes an array of oil drain holes. Any oil that is scraped by the rings from the wall of the cylinder bore can drain back through these holes into the crankcase or sump. As a result, these holes help to stop oil from building up behind the ring. If left to accumulate, this oil would find its way up past the rings and into the combustion chamber, creating unacceptable levels of oil burning.

Another unique Cosworth piston feature are the green skirts. The skirts are coated with a xylan anti-friction coating that provides excellent wear resistance and gives the skirt a very low surface friction to help reduce any frictional losses.

You can see more details in our on-line shop here: 10001476 PA1154 PISTON SET (DFR)

Cosworth PA1154 DFR Piston
Benetton B188

What is the DFR Engine?

The DFR engine was introduced into Formula 1 in 1988 for Ford’s works team Benetton to use in their B188 chassis. The following year the DFR was rolled out across customer teams such as Footwork, Fondmetal and Larrousse. It also saw action in Group C racing, proving to be every bit as versatile as the DFV on which it was based.

Today the DFR engine is as popular as ever. And we are looking forwards to helping keep these engines running with genuine Cosworth parts.