As part of their open day to commemorate this significant day there were several cars on display that all played a role in helping Cosworth cement its place in motorsport history. Given that Cosworth engines have at some point triumphed in most motorsport categories, there was obviously a wide range of cars that could be chosen.

Last week Cosworth celebrated its 65th anniversary, which is an incredible milestone for an incredible company. It’s hard to believe that its been five years since Cosworth celebrated reaching 60 years, which in itself is no small feat.

However, we think that the cars that were on display represent a very good cross-section of Cosworth history, starting with the early success of the DFV in Formula 1 in the 1960s and 70s, the growth of the road car market with the YB in the 80s, and then continued success in Formula 1 in the 90s. Finally, the display ends with Cosworth’s latest road-going creations.

So here are our photos from that memorable day of just a few of the many Cosworth-powered cars that were on display. And happy birthday Cosworth, here’s to the next 65 years!

1. Lotus 49

Lotus 49

The car that put Cosworth on the map, the Lotus 49 represented a shift in technology for Formula 1. This car was the first successful car to feature a fully-stressed engine, with the engine becoming a major structural part of the overcall car. Of course, that engine was the iconic Cosworth DFV, which went on to become the most successful engine in Formula 1 ever.

The 49 famously won on its debut at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1967, and would go on to take the Word Driver’s Championship the following year.

2. Tyrrell 006

Tyrrell 006

By the early 70s the Cosworth DFV was the engine to have in Formula 1. After early championship success with Lotus, Tyrrell took over the mantle of DFV-powered champions, with Jackie Stewart taking the title in 1969, 1971 and 1973. This Tyrrell 006 is the car from 1973, and still belongs to Jackie Stewart.

3. Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth

Powered by the Cosworth YB engine, the Ford Sierra RS and RS500 Cosworth became the iconic car of the 1980s. Cosworth made over 30,000 YB engines over a six year period, and we supply genuine Cosworth parts to help keep these engines going.

4. Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Touring Car

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth

Remember the advertising mantra of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”? Well, the Sierra RS500 touring and rally cars were a perfect example of this. This RS500 touring car was kindly on loan from Paul Linfoot Racing.

5. Benetton B193

Benetton B193

After the reintroduction of normally aspirated engines in Formula 1 in the late 80s, the Benetton team became the works team for Ford and Cosworth. This Benetton B193, powered by the Cosworth HB V8 engine, took victories in 1993 with a certain Michael Schumacher at the wheel.

6. Stewart SF3

Stewart SF3

Powered by the Cosworth CK V10 engine, this is the actual car that Johnny Herbert drove to victory at the 1999 European Grand Prix. You might have seen this car on our website before, we were fortunate enough to be able to display it in Cosworth’s reception for a few weeks.

7. Gordon Murray Automotive T50


This car brings us right up to date. The GMA T50 is powered by one of Cosworth’s latest engines, the GMA V12.

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