Caterham 540R Visits Cosworth

Introducing … the Caterham 540R!

We love seeing our customer’s cars, and just occasionally, they leave them with us to proudly display in Cosworth’s reception area. And in this instance, its not just the car that has a special connection with Cosworth, the owner does too.

This is a Caterham 540R that has been fitted with a Cosworth Duratec engine. This car has been built by Ben Scammell, son of former Cosworth MD Dick Scammell. Ben has done an excellent job in making a car that is perfection-on-wheels.

We think that Ben’s Caterham looks almost at home here – are you sure you want it back Ben?

Take a look at the gallery below of more photos of this pristine car!

Caterham 540R at Cosworth

Caterham 540R at Cosworth